Wonderland Early Learning Centres function and operate as extensions of Wonderland, New Delhi headquartered in Chanakyapuri. With our progressive and holistic early years education philosophy, we understand that each child has unique needs and interests. We provide the right learning environment and tools for our children so that they thrive to the best of their abilities.

Our ethos encompasses a holistic and inclusive approach to foster a learning community that values and supports children in developing their creativity, responsibility and individuality. With our progressive early years education, we understand that each child has unique needs and interests.

We provide an enabling learning environment for our children so that they can thrive to the best of their abilities.

Our Values

We value and understand that there are many multifaceted influences that can impact upon our children’s holistic understanding, actual learning and overall attainment. This will involve children, staff and parents in the processes of upholding our values of -

  • Well-being

    taking on board a holistic approach towards overall development.

  • Excellence

    going forward to new heights of understanding with the flexibility to meet new challenges.

  • Long-term Learning

    to have an open-ended approach to meet our needs and understanding environmental influences.

  • Community

    to encourage a multicultural understanding of collaboration, diversity, and tolerance for all to grow, develop and work together.

Vision and Mission

It is our vision to uphold the child at the centre of their learning.

We believe, children deserve equal opportunities to thrive in an all-inclusive, nurturing and stimulating environment. Thus, we work towards equipping them with the holistic skills and understanding to become a part of the wider community transforming into independent, adaptable, open-minded, forward thinkers and learners with a positive attitude towards challenges.

Creating a predictable environment that is flexible and safe as part of our mission in partnership with parents to make available optimum learning experiences for children to develop holistically in relation to their individual learning journey. We value and recognize children as individuals. We aim to facilitate actual learning via positive and productive all-round experiences, promoting and encouraging overall development.

Without question, raising a child in today’s ever-changing world is one of the most rewarding and challenging responsibilities. Wonderland Early Learning Centre recognises that supporting parents and helping children to develop is one of the most important roles within our society. While ...

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