Book an appointment

Please click here to send us an appointment request.


Visit W.E.L.C. For A School Tour

Once the appointment is scheduled, parents visit the school for a meet and greet session.



Parents are invited to bring their child to W.E.L.C.


Admission Status Via Email

Post an internal assessment, W.E.L.C. sends the final admission status of the child.


Student Registration

Parents complete the forms and the necessary procedures.


Formal Acceptance Letter

A confirmation letter is sent to parents in acknowledgment that the admission process has been fully completed and the child is now accepted into W.E.L.C.

*Our Admissions Team will get back to you within the next 24 hours. Please note: Admissions Team is not available on Saturdays and Sundays.

**Without payment and completed registration, the child is not guaranteed a place at the school**

Thank you for trusting us with your child’s development and education. We commit to keeping your child in a safe learning environment.

  • Days of Attendance and Timings

    As our children have diverse age groups, attendance requirements vary. Attendance at the school does not guarantee a place for the following academic year as parents need to re-register their child annually.

  • Special Needs Education

    Children who are known to have specific special educational needs are admitted on an individual basis after assessing whether their needs can be fully met during their time in school. External specialist reports may be required or requested to act in an advisory capacity or assessment. Additional specialist assistance may be required in teaching the child directly in the classroom at the parent’s personal expenses. We will only process an admission of a child with specific additional needs if we feel confident that the right levels of support are in place to provide consistency for the child to develop, thrive and learn. Wonderland Early Learning Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to a child if their needs cannot be met.

  • Waiting List

    Parents are encouraged to register their child as soon as possible with the details then being transferred to the waiting list. This helps to predict and therefore plan for different cohort sizes. When a place becomes available within a suitable age group, parents of a child at the top of the waiting list will be contacted and offered a place. Due to demand in set age groups we do not guarantee a place.