Pre-nursery(2 years to 3-year-olds)

During this program, children gain confidence to connect with others, take risks in their learning and learn who they are as a person. Children will develop their communication skills as they build a repertoire of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies.

Over time, children learn to develop their sense of autonomy with the ability to work independently and interdependently in a structured manner for future learning.They enjoy being given small tasks, understand simplesocial responsibilities and be a part of the school community.

Their fine motor skills are being developed in preparation for later writing, with them starting to talk about their drawings and that their ‘mark making on paper’, may be representing ‘writing or letters’.

For a child, attending pre-nursery, this can be their first experience away from home and familiar adults. Parents work as partners with staff to ensure that all children have a smooth transition between home and school as they become familiar with the daily routine and predictable expectations.

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