Reception (4 years to 5-year-olds)

During the last year of school, reception children are more self-assured, confident, independent and familiar with the school’s environment. They are offered opportunities to continually build upon their self- confidence, independence, decision making, problem solving and exploration of their creativity, along with understanding their individual talent and abilities.

With children now able to build stronger connections and an understanding of the world around them by using their personal experiences, they are encouraged to explore the open-ended materials available to develop their concentration and attention spans.

On a physical level they are more in tune with their gross and fine motor abilities to support them to become independent in everyday tasks.

As their language skills are developing rapidly, they now build up the ability to listen to increasingly complex verbal instructions, recognize simple words by using a phonetic approach to sound out, decode and blend simple words and sentences. They now starting to independently write short captions, read simple stories, understand how they are structured and recapture the main events.

Their mathematical skills become more complex with them being introduced to 3-D shapes, simple weight, volume, capacity, simple addition, one more and one less.

Towards the end of the year, children are supported in preparation for the transition to more formal schooling and being part of a bigger school community.

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