Adult and child program

The Adult and Child program is all about active parent and child participation and team work. Together, both the parent and the child will explore the world outside their home in areas like music and movement, play, story- telling, and art.

Playgroup (2 years)

Children of this age are developing rapidly. As either a transition between adult and child program or as an introduction to school children entering playgroup will be supported to become independent individuals, building positive relationships, with the ability to make personal choice and ...

Pre-nursery(2 years to 3-year-olds)

During this program, children gain confidence to connect with others, take risks in their learning and learn who they are as a person. Children will develop their communication skills as they build a repertoire of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies.

Nursery (3 years to 4-year-olds)

Physically, they are now able to move in a variety of ways with growing confidence, accuracy and skill. Their language skills are now firmly embedded with them speaking clearly and using increasing more complex sentences. At this point they are introduced to simple letter sounds and can even retell a simple story or events.

Reception (4 years to 5-year-olds)

During the last year of school, reception children are more self-assured, confident, independent and familiar with the school’s environment. They are offered opportunities to continually build upon their self- confidence, independence, decision making, problem solving and exploration of their creativity, along with understanding their individual talent and abilities.

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