Dear Parents, Children, Families And Friends,

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to W.E.L.C’s website.

Without question, raising a child in today’s ever-changing world is one of the most rewarding and challenging responsibilities. Wonderland Early Learning Centre recognises that supporting parents and helping children to develop is one of the most important roles within our society. While acknowledging this, we are committed to creating a safe, secure, hygienic and stimulating environment for every child who comes through our door.

Understandably, a child’s first experience of early care and learning outside of the home environment can have an impact on their long-term success. Hence, we believe, the only way forward is to facilitate high levels of meaningful interactions, and experiential learning in an atmosphere that is exciting, positive and fun via a play-based approach.,

Through providing an inclusive, caring and nurturing environment, we see the first 5 years of a child’s life as being the most influential with them rapidly developing the holistic skills required to facilitate their personal, social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical abilities with increasing understanding and accuracy. This in turn, forms the platform for developing a sense of independence, autonomy, problem solving and critical thinking as seen through a child’s everyday interactions ultimately supporting them to become flexible, open-minded, confident risk takerswith an aptitude for lifelong learning.

On a practical level without pressuring a child to memorise or recite irrelevant facts and figures or by setting pre-prescribed targets, learning is achieved through seeing the child as a capable learner. Taking on board, a broad base of concepts at a time when they are ready, rather than being overloaded with information that has no relevance. We acknowledge that children develop at their own rate and have individual interests and learning styles. Care is taken to monitor children’s progress through ongoing observation and interactions with consideration given to planning activities that encourages spontaneous development for reaching age-appropriate milestones. Therefore, encouraging children to develop key skills required for language, intellectual, physical, social and emotional confidence whilst moving forward in their learning journey.

Finally, the school welcomes visitors to meet the team as it is only by experiencing the real atmosphere will you be able to see everyone working together.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Karen Downs, Academic Director

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